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Transmission Service & Repair

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Transmission Service & Repair

Since transmission fluid loses effectiveness over time, flushing your transmission fluid often might lengthen the life of the transmission itself and avoid some future problems. K&M Automotives delivers high-quality budget-friendly transmission repair and auto repair services in Dundalk, Maryland.

Our transmission services include:

  • Expert repairing and replacing of the transmission
  • Dropping the transmission pan and flushing the fluid
  • Replacing the transmission fluid and transmission filter
  • Inspecting the transmission for signs of damage, corrosion, or excessive wear

What it does: Transmission fluid coats and protects the gears in the transmission. This coating helps protect against extreme wear and slipping of the gears. This is why it is essential that a transmission fluid flush be performed every 30,000 miles.

Why servicing is very important: Transmission fluid loses effectiveness over time. Replacing your transmission fluid at routine periods may lengthen the life of the transmission and prevent some transmission troubles.

Transmission Repair in Dundalk, MD Protects the Life of Your Car

Have your transmission checked if:

  • Your automobile won’t move
  • You have difficulty shifting gears
  • The transmission appears to be sliding
  • The transmission is extraordinarily loud
  • Transmission fluid is leaking (red colored and sweet smelling)
  • Grinding noises are heard when shifting gears
  • There are issues with the clutch
  • The Check Engine light is on

Throughout a transmission flush, we:

  • Drop the transmission pan and flush old fluid
  • Replace the fluid and transmission filter
  • Inspect for indications of wear, damage, or corrosion
K&M Automotive Offers Quality Transmission Repair in Dundalk, MD

Schedule a consultation for a transmission check and fluid flush today at K&M Automotive to prevent common transmission complications and lengthen the life of your automobile! Contact K&M Automotive now to schedule your next transmission fluid flush. K&M Automotive is thrilled to be your number one auto-repair center and provider of tires in Dundalk, MD.

Every vehicle relies on a properly working transmission to be able to operate smoothly. Simply put, if there is an issue within this critical system, the vehicle will not go anywhere.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are searching for a professional transmission shop, our team here at K&M Automotive can help. Our ASE-certified mechanics offer high-quality transmission repair and service, no matter if you have an automatic, manual, or even semi-automatic transmission.

When your vehicle is due, we are ready and able to properly perform a transmission fluid change or full transmission flush. And if your vehicle is experiencing a more serious transmission issue, we can properly handle any transmission repair that you may need—even if it’s a full transmission replace

A High-Quality Dundalk, MD Transmission Shop You Can Count On

A modern vehicle’s transmission system is an extremely sensitive and complicated mix of components. That is why transmission servicing should be left to a trusted and experienced professional.

Here at K&M Automotive, we offer a wide range of high-quality transmission services and repairs. Our expert mechanics use professional tools and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately diagnose any transmission problems, service your transmission fluid, and properly handle any transmission-repair needs you may have. You can count on our team to help keep your transmission running at its best.

How a Car’s Transmission System Works

To understand the importance of properly maintaining the system, it can be helpful to understand how the transmission works.

The transmission system serves as the direct link between the engine and your vehicle’s wheels. So, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, the transmission system is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to the vehicle’s performance and reliability. Essentially, this system converts the mechanical power from your engine into torque, which is then transferred to the wheels to move your vehicle.

The transmission keeps the engine output matched with the speed and load conditions. Because of the high rotational speeds of vehicles, the transmission reduces any excess engine-output speed and transmits the proper amount of torque to the differential, driveshaft, and wheels. As the engine speed varies, the transmission shifts between the gears, which influences the amount of torque that is sent to the wheels.

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid performs a variety of important duties, depending on the specific type of transmission system. It helps keep the system cool by absorbing excess heat generated from the high amount of mechanical movement. It also keeps the transmission protected by lubricating the internal gears and preventing rust and corrosion. In a manual transmission system, the clutch and gear shifts provide the necessary force and pressure. Meanwhile, in an automatic transmission system, the transmission fluid is what provides these same functions of pressure and force.

The transmission system is critical to the movement of your vehicle. That is why it is so important to ensure you keep it properly maintained, which enables it to operate optimally and prevents the need for a more serious transmission repair down the road.

Protect the System By Properly Maintaining the Transmission Fluid

It is essential for the transmission system to be included in your vehicle’s preventive-maintenance routine.

Transmission fluid doesn’t last forever. Due to everyday use, it picks up dirt, deposits, and other debris as it cycles through the system. Running your vehicle on extremely dirty or low transmission fluid can cause shifting problems or even cause the whole system to seize up, leading to the need for a very costly total transmission replacement.

So, bringing your vehicle in for a transmission service at the suggested intervals will help prevent bigger problems down the road. If your transmission fluid is extremely dirty and/or “burnt,” it should definitely be replaced ASAP to keep your system properly protected and running at its best.

There are two types of service when it comes to the transmission fluid: a transmission fluid change (aka a transmission pan service) and a full transmission flush.