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Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running better and longer. It also is usually less expensive to undertake small or moderate car maintenance tasks at regular intervals, rather than paying for an unexpected or major repair. At K&M Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians provide the best possible care for your vehicle to ensure your components continue to work at peak performance, mile after mile.

What All is Involved with a Preventative Maintenance Service?

Caring for your automobile according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule includes performing the necessary services, but also includes important tasks like inspection and repair.

When you trust your vehicle to K&M Automotive for preventative maintenance, we perform an extensive number of upkeep items necessary for vehicles in Austin.

These services can vary somewhat depending on the vehicle, but in general, a solid preventative maintenance program includes these services and more:

  • Checking and replacing the engine oil and/or oil filters every 3,000 miles
  • Checking and replacing fuel filters generally every two years or so
  • Checking tire tread depth, noting uneven wear, and adjusting air pressure
  • Tire balancing and rotation
  • Checking wheel alignment and adjusting, as necessary
  • Checking all lights are in working order and readily visible
  • Checking and refilling windshield washer fluid
  • Inspecting and replacing engine and cabin air filters
  • Checking and flushing brake fluid, as necessary
  • Inspecting and replacing brake pads
  • Car washes
  • Tightening nuts and bolts
  • Checking and flushing power steering fluid
  • Checking and performing a transmission fluid change, as required
  • Checking the battery’s charge, cleaning any corrosion, and applying dielectric gel
  • Closely monitoring belts and hoses for any cracking or splitting
Preventative Maintenance and Fuel Efficiency

We all know that fixing and taking care of the little things before they become big things helps save money as car owners. What you may not know is that preventative maintenance can also increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, saving you even more money!

Preventative maintenance includes some essential services such as regular oil changes and oil filter swaps, fuel filter replacement, and chassis lubrication. All of these tasks will help your engine run smoother because the moving parts are generating less friction. Less friction means less wear and tear and also keeps the engine from having to work as hard.

As an oil and fuel filter gets dirty, they are less able to do their jobs and begin circulating more dirt and debris in their respective systems. These particles can wreak havoc on your system, making the vehicle far less efficient. By keeping the filters changed often, regular preventative maintenance can dramatically help to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

What do Tires Have to do with Preventative Maintenance? 

Our ASE-certified technicians inspect your vehicle’s tires with an expert eye and evaluate them with the latest technology. We’ll make sure the tires are filled to the correct pressure, measure the tread depths, and note any disproportionate or uneven tread wear that may be shortening the life of your tires. 

Our techs can also measure and correct your vehicle’s alignment to be perfectly in line with the manufacturer’s specs. If you’re noticing any pulling or vibration in the steering wheel and/or uneven tread wear, we recommend stopping in to get your wheel alignment checked.